About Fancy Owl Studio

Fancy owl is a small artist collective opperating out of British Columbia and Nuevo León and backed by skilled artists from around the world. Together, we produce and publish comics, artbooks, illustrated novels and small games, of which you can find more info in our "Projects" section. We also experiment in the production of functional art, which circulates in limited runs in our print shop. You can find more information about our team in the "artists" section of the site.

Chapter 1 of The Demon Road is sold out and no longer available for purchase online.

Chapter 1 of The Demon Road is available! The book features a velvet touch finish and gold foil accents. For a limited time it is available as part of an exclusive early-bird package which also includes a matching velvet and foil double sided bookmark, postcard and postal stamp themed stickers: HERE.

This summer we have started Demon Road's Patreon Page where supporters can read double the updates as well as exclusive artwork, wallpapers, shop discounts and free prints. You can check out the project's Patreon page HERE

A large, important update has been announced for backers of Amaranthine Project: Avatar that we encourage all contributers to read. You can find this updated HERE